From the recording Undeniable

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This is the 2nd single released June 2020 off the new album 'Tiro de Leone'. A catchy energetic throwback to the days lf The Police, and a song about consciousness uncoupling and how love conquers all and will always and forever be...undeniable.



Now you see me, now you don’t
But waited for me to come home
Were you lonely?
You didn’t say
That all you wanted was for me to stay

Cause our love’s undeniable 2x

I couldn’t give you, what you need
But I tried and begged you please
Not to push me, push me away
But now I understand and baby it’s okay

Cause our love’s undeniable 4x

We swore we’d always be together
My companion my best friend
Now we know that this is for the better
But I’ll still be there, I’ll still be there ‘til the end